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Exhibitor Registration

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Dane firmy z bazy GUS

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MURATOR EXPO sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Warsaw, 04-187 at Dęblińska 6.

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- concluding and performance of the contract
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- sales contract / providing of services
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Recipients of data

entities processing data on behalf of Murator EXPO

Rights related to data processing

- the right to object to the data processing for marketing purposes
- the right to withdraw consent to the personal data processing
- the right to access data
- other rights mentioned in the detailed information on data processing

Specific information about processing


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Sales Departament

Tomasz Sałkowski
Sales Director
tel.: (+48 22) 829 66 69
mobile: +48 602 636 134
e-mail: tsalkowski@muratorexpo.pl

Magdalena Tymińska
Sales Specialist
tel.: (+48 22) 829 66 49
mobile: +48 662 109 048
e-mail: mtyminska@muratorexpo.pl

Sylwester Frankowski
Sales Specialist
tel.: (+48 22) 829 66 75
mobile: +48 668 545 795
e-mail: sfrankowski@muratorexpo.pl

Mariusz Klimaszewski
Sales Specialist
tel.: (+48 22) 829 66 68
mobile: +48 668 545 426
e-mail: mklimaszewski@muratorexpo.pl


Technical Department

Paweł Puchała
Department Manager
tel.: (+48 22) 829 66 82
e-mail: ppuchala@muratorexpo.pl

Marketing Department

Joanna Carettoni
Marketing Specialist
tel.: (+48 22) 829 66 87
e-mail: jacrettoni@muratorexpo.pl

Agnieszka Ziemiańska
Marketing Director
tel.: (22) 829 66 96
e-mail: aziemianska@muratorexpo.pl